Past Events


Donut Party!

--Asia Atwater, Courageous Kid Angel

"“Enjoy the little things”. Asia enjoyed all the little things life had to offer. Good food, good music, good friends and a good donut. There wasn’t a single person Asia didn’t like. A friend to all. Asia was delayed in speech, her learning abilities as well as physically. Nothing held her back from trying something new. She was adventurous and loved being involved. Every new experience became something she would look forward to-and became a “party”. Asia loved the Courageous Kids “track” party and looked forward to it every year! It’s something she could do with her brothers and she really seemed to enjoy participating. This experience was a true highlight for her and so many other kids. What a special event. We celebrated all of Asias accomplishments-being a friend was probably her biggest. Asia thought donuts were a way to “celebrate”. So why not celebrate all of her friends and their accomplishments with a donut party."

- Season Atwater, Mom of Asia Atwater

2023 Honorary Courageous Kid


"Do your best, and forget about the rest."

--Makenzie Madsen, Courageous Kid Angel

"What an amazing, but yet an emotional evening. What an honor to be able to witness the influence, love and strength Kenzie had and shown a lot of people. To be able to have so many people honor her in a way that we always wanted her to be honored at the Courageous Kids Invitational BYU was special. One of my (many) greatest fears is Makenzie being forgotten, and when we have the opportunity to have her be honored in such an amazing way, I couldn't turn it down and I never will. I want her legacy to be heard and live on forever. The quote they used that she would always tell her phlebotomists if they were having trouble getting her vein was "You do your best, and forget the rest". And what a perfect quote for these kids and anyone else out there that are struggling with life in general. These Courageous, strong, amazing kids go through so much, yet they don't let life get them down. These kids are so strong and I look up to them all for how amazing they handle life...with such grace and with a happy heart. It was hard to do it this year without her. She loved this event and to see her up on that jumbotron was just as hard. We sure miss Makenzie and all that she is and was. She would go and help any of these kiddos or any kid in general if she saw them struggling or just needed someone to play with. She had such a big heart and loved everyone, and has taught me so much more than I ever taught her, and continues to do so."

- Monica Madsen, Mom of Makenzie Madsen

2022 Honorary Courageous Kid


"I can do anything with the help of friends."

-Courageous Kid

Brinley Bleyl


“It doesn’t matter how fast you can run or how far you can throw, you can ALWAYS be a winner.”

-Michael George, Courageous Kid and Inspiration behind Michael’s Mile



“Don’t let your dream be just a dream, make it come true.”

-=Courageous Kid sibling





Our first event was small and with more collegiate athletes than Courageous Kids, but we knew it would grow over time. We didn't have t-shirts or a theme, but just an idea. Marsha happened to have left over party medals in her trunk which we gave out at the event of the event. This is what started it all!