Q: Who can participate?

A: Our events are open to any child of any age with a medical condition that limits their ability to find success in a typical sports settings. These can include, but not limited to congenital heart disease, autism, cancer, lung disease, epilepsy, being deaf or blind, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, neuroblastoma, genetic syndromes, and others.  

Q: Where are your events?

A: Currently we offer a Courageous Kids Invitational BYU at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. We hope to offer more events in the future.

Q: Is dinner served?

A: We do offer a light dinner for the family including sandwiches, chips, cookies and fresh fruit. Dinner is served during the event between 6pm-7pm. 

Q: Can parents watch the event from the stands?

A: Each Courageous Kid and their siblings are partnered with a collegiate athlete that will adapt the event to meet their needs. With this, parents are welcome to watch from the stands, watch from the infield or be part of all of the action. 

Q: Is there handicap parking?

A: There is limited handicap parking inside the gates at the track. We do have a parking monitor at the gate, so simply tell him you need handicap parking and he will show you where to go. 

Q: If my child can’t stay until the end for the medal ceremony, can they still receive their medals?

A: Yes, just ask your collegiate helper and they will make sure you get your medal before you leave. 

Q: As a parent, can I get a t-shirt also? How about an older sibling who isn’t participating?

A: Additional t-shirts will be available for pre-order for parents, siblings or any one else, but we ask for donations to help cover the costs of the additional t-shirts. T-shirts are provided thanks to our sponsors to all Courageous Kids and their participating siblings. 

Q: Are their activities for kids in wheel chairs?

A: We make accommodations for all events for those in wheel chairs, including all running events, throwing events and even the long jump.